About #Choosewomen®

#ChooseWOMEN® is a movement to ensure women receive the spotlight and support they deserve. After all, the average female entrepreneur receives less than half the funding of her male counterpart. This is not cool. So to help, we invite you to #choosewomen on Wednesday, November 29! Choose to listen, support, and stand up for all types of women and do your part to make sure the world sees women differently.

#ChooseWOMEN® is an international platform piloted by Women’s Entrepreneurship Day Organization, a nongovernmental movement to empower, celebrate, and support women in business to alleviate poverty worldwide!

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Spread the word to your friends, family, and colleagues around the world. On November 29, show you’re doing your part to shatter glass ceilings by creating your own custom #ChooseWOMEN post with our Instagram filter.


  1. Follow #ChooseWOMEN on Instagram
  2. On the #ChooseWOMEN Instagram page click on the filter icon
  3. Tap on the filter example, tap on TRY IT and you’re ready to start breaking the glass ceiling via your Instagram camera.
  4. Don’t forget to tag @choosewomen and your friends!


*You can also swipe through your Instagram Camera AR filters to find the #ChooseWomen filter as soon as you follow #ChooseWomen on Instagram

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How to be a chooser

Show your support by using the #ChooseWOMEN® hashtag on your social channels and downloading our essential toolkit, which includes social assets, logos, posters, and more which you can post to Instagram, Facebook, or even your storefront! With these materials, you’re on your way to join the movement.

Show your support on November 30: #ChooseWOMEN® Wednesday.

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From T-shirts to tote bags, show your support with our #ChooseWOMEN® swag! All merchandise is sold at cost, with no proceeds going to the #ChooseWOMEN® organization.

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